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2008 to the Present Day

On the 28 October 2008, Hallam Land Management Ltd (HLM) invited the residents of Southbourne to engage in a discussion about our preliminary proposals for 155 new homes off Alfrey Close. Some 250 residents attended the consultation and along with concerns about the principle of development we received comments regarding:

  • access and highway safety;
  • the safety of pedestrians crossing the railway line;
  • the need for sufficient parking provision;
  • the impact upon water supply and the existing sewerage system;
  • the potential for flooding along Main Road;
  • the impact on existing village facilities : schools, doctor’s surgery, pharmacy and social amenities;
  • the loss of green space;
  • problems with youth and anti-social behaviour;
  • impacts upon the character of the village, the Strategic Gap and proximity of the AONB
  • Chichester Harbour;
  • concerns regarding the scale and density of the scheme;
  • support for affordable housing;
  • some support for the need for new housing to help support and retain local businesses.

Between 2008 and 2012 we redesigned the scheme, reduced the scale of development, reviewed the quantum of green infrastructure and considered carefully the impacts of development upon the Harbour to the south. In 2012 HLM submitted an outline planning application for 30 age restricted houses for the over 55’s, 40 assisted living apartments and a 60 bed care home. The application was initially refused, but was subsequently granted permission in 2014 following an appeal by HLM.

Please click on Image A for a copy of the consented Masterplan for 30 age restricted houses for the over 55’s, 40 assisted living apartments and a 60 bed care home.

Our Current Proposals
We have sought to keep the Parish Council updated with our progress and have made appropriate representations to the Council in response to consultations on the Core Strategy and to the Neighbourhood Plan.

Work is now being undertaken to prepare a planning application, which should be completed towards the end of April 2015. As part of this work HLM have commissioned the following technical studies:

  • Transport Assessment
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Noise Assessment
  • Services and Infrastructure Report
  • Ground Conditions Investigation
  • Comprehensive Ecological Survey
  • Desk based Archaeological Survey
  • Comprehensive Landscape Assessment

The planning application will also include a report of this consultation and information on how our proposals have subsequently evolved in response to the comments we receive. We therefore encourage you to have your say by posting your comments on the comments page.

The Neighbourhood Plan
Southbourne Parish Council have now completed and submitted their Neighbourhood Plan entitled ‘Southbourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2014-2029’. One of the central aims of the plan is “ make development work for the parish.” and to “...protect and enhance those things that residents value in this parish...”

Policy 2 of the Neighbourhood Plan allocates the site for development of a mix of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes. Policy 2 (Part II) states the following:

125 dwellings on land off Alfrey Close, provided the scheme:
a. is accessed from the A259 Main Road; and
b. meets its public open space requirements by providing land to form part of the Green Ring proposed in Policy 3, comprising informal open space and an equipped children’s play space.”

Policy 2 is accompanied by a concept plan which illustrates the Parish Council’s aspirations for development to the north of Alfery Close. Please click on Image B for a copy of the Concept Plan for land off Alfrey Close as illustrated on page 34 of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Public open space is to be laid out along the site’s western boundary in accordance with Policy 3 of the Neighbourhood Plan which seeks to establish a ‘Green Ring’ around the village of Southbourne.

Click on Image C for a copy of the Concept Plan for the Green Ring around Southbourne as illustrated on page 38 of the Neighbourhood Plan.

In addition to the provision of both market and affordable housing, alongside public open space and an equipped children’s play area, Inglefield makes provision for the safeguarding of land to the west for a potential ‘new road and an elevated crossing of the railway line in order to reduce congestion at existing railway crossings and to improve pedestrian safety’. The landowners intend to transfer ownership of this area of land over to the Parish Council as part of this scheme.

Hallam Land Management have therefore redesigned the site to meet these requirements and now seek your views and comments on these proposals.

You can view the Southbourne Neighbourhood Plan here.