The Masterplan and strategy drawings are subject to comment and review and as such may change prior to an application being submitted. As HLM will be applying for the scheme in outline, with all matters reserved except access, these drawings are intended to demonstrate how the site may be delivered. Further detailed submissions concerning the layout of streets, the appearance and scale of buildings etc, will need to be made to the Local Authority for their determination, at which time the Local Authority will seek further comments from the public.

All drawings are based on information originally produced by FPCR Environment and Design Ltd.

The images of proposed housing, play spaces, open space, allotments etc, illustrated on this website seek to provide examples of the type of development HLM propose and do not represent the final design and / or appearance of housing, play spaces, open space, allotments etc, that will be constructed at Inglefield.

All images by others are used for precedent evaluation purposes only and have been obtained from a variety of sources.

All plans and illustrations are the property of Hallam Land Management Ltd and are not to be copied or reproduced without the written consent by them. Printed copies of pages from this website are permitted for personal viewing only.