green infrastructure

Green Infrastructure refers to a robust framework of structural planting, open spaces (both hard and soft) and habitats. The site#39;s Infrastructure seeks to develop an attractive environment for residents and visitors to the site whilst effectively integrating the site into its wider context. Green Infrastructure promotes recreation, movement and leisure, access to nature and the whole sale enhancement of site wide bio-diversity.

The proposals seek accord with policies 3 and 7 of the Neighbourhood Plan which state:

"The Neighbourhood Plan proposes the establishment of a Green Ring around the village of Southbourne, as shown on the Policies Map, comprising a variety of green infrastructure assets, including informal open space, allotments, a playing field, a footpath/cycleway network, children’s play areas, woodland and land of biodiversity value. Development proposals that lie within the broad location of the Green Ring will be required to align their public open space requirements with its objectives, so that they contribute to its successful formation and maintenance. Proposals that will lead to the unnecessary loss of Green Ring land or features or that will prejudice the completion of the Green Ring will be resisted." (Policy 3)

"Development proposals must seek to avoid having any significant environmental effects on designated environmental and landscape assets, especially the Chichester and Langstone Harbours Special Protection Area and Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Where effects are unavoidable and their impact may be less significant to the surrounding locality, then the proposals must show how these effects will be mitigated to the satisfaction of the local planning authority. In addition any development proposals must contribute to and enhance the natural environment by ensuring the protection of local assets and the provision of additional habitat resources for wildlife and green spaces for the community." (Policy 7)

Inglefield includes 1.5 Ha / 3.7 acres of Green Infrastruc­ture. Our current Green Infrastructure strategy is as follows:

  • The creation of new linear park to the west of the site for informal recreation, including amenity grassland, orchard planting, and meadow grassland.
  • A new equipped children’s play area to include both fixed equipment such as slides and swings alongside logs, boulders and earth mounding etc for natural play.
  • Approximately 14 new community allotment plots, including mains water and a communal storage unit.
  • A new Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) including an attenuation basin, swale and ditch.
  • A 10m wide woodland belt along its western boundary to screen development from Hermitage and preserve the visual integrity of the strategic gap. The existing public Right of Way is to be extended north along this woodland belt.
  • A minimum of 5m wide planted buffers along the site’s southern and eastern boundaries between development and neighbouring residents on Garsons Road and Main Road. A high percentage of thorny species seeks to ensure security between residents is also enhanced.
  • A 3m wide structural landscape belt along the northern boundary. Planting is to include a high percentage of evergreen species for all year round screening.
  • The retention and enhancement of the existing Public Right of Way with new signage, surfacing and seating.
  • The Public Right of Way is to be extended north to tie into the wider footpath network between Hermitage and an existing rail crossing;