illustrative masterplan

Inglefield Masterplan - click for larger image

Our current proposals are as follows:

  • Access is taken from Alfrey Close which is extended north to create a small square flanked by detached and semi-detached properties either side.
  • At key junctions within the development the carriageway is to be tabled and block paved to help slow traffic, maximise pedestrian priority and to visually enhance the streetscape.
  • The existing Public Right of Way crossing the site is to be retained along its current alignment and incorporated into the development’s infrastructure, to include new surfacing, seating and signage.
  • A new pond / wetland habitat is provided within public open space for water attenuation, public amenity and bio-diversity enhancement.
  • A new equipped play area to include equipment for a range of ages along with space for natural play such as boulders and earth mounding is to be provided to the west of the site adjacent to the existing Public Right of Way.
  • Approximately 14 community allotment plots, serviced with mains water and space for tool storage and composting are to be provided to the north west of the site.
  • The western boundary of the site is to comprise of a 10m wide belt of native trees and shrubs in order to soften and screen development from the west. This planting builds on and incorporates the existing boundary hedge and ditch.
  • The southern and eastern boundaries are to comprise of a 5m wide native tree and shrub structural landscape belt in order to soften and screen the development from neighbouring residents. A high percentage of thorny species seeks to ensure security between residents is also enhanced. To the east new housing is to be set no less than 10m from the edge of this structural landscape belt and / or 15m from the site boundary.
  • The northern boundary of the site is to comprise of a 2m high close boarded fence set within a 3m wide structural landscape belt. Planting is to include a high percentage of evergreen species for all year round screening. Housing is to be set no closer than 20m from the site boundary.
  • Land to the west is to be safeguarded for the construction of a potential #39;Strategic Road Link#39; over the rail line in accordance with the aspirations of Policy 9 of the Neighbourhood Plan. This link is to be implemented by others and will be the subject of a separate application.
  • Land between a potential road link and the site is to be planted with trees and shrubs in order to reinforce the structural planting proposed along the western boundary of the site and to help integrate this proposed link into the landscape. This planting will accord with Policy 3 of the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • A potential road connection between the ’Strategic Road Link’ and the development should the road link be implemented.

The dashed yellow line signifies the route of existing Public Rights of Way

The line of yellow dots signifies a potential extension of the Public Right of Way to the north of the Site.

The line of orange dots signifies a potential extension of the Public Right of Way to the existing rail crossing and paths west to Hermitage