Inglefield Application - click for larger image
Inglefield Application - click for larger image

Inglefield benefits from an established network of existing footpaths and footways providing good linkages (within walking distance) to local amenities including shops, a library and health services. Inglefield is also well served by bus routes along the A259 and lies within an eight minute walk of Southbourne Rail Station. As a result the site is considered to be in a sustainable location which provides the opportunity for travel by non-car modes. A Residential Travel Plan will be implemented as part of the development proposals in order to encourage residents to use sustainable means of travel.

With reference to the adjacent images:

Images 1 and 2: show the route of the proposed new access into Inglefield from Main Road (A259) via Alfrey Close.
Images 3, 4 and 5: show the existing Public Right of Way linking Garsons Road with Main Road. Image 3 is a view north from Main Street, Image 4 is a view east from the edge of the site and Image 5 is a view west, across the site, from the edge of ’Garage Land’ (recently developed for housing) leading to Garsons Road.

Our current access and circulation strategy is as follows:

  • We propose to take access to the development off Main Road (The A259) via Alfrey Close. Our transport assessment, prepared in consultation with West Sussex County Council, concludes that that the proposed vehicular trips generated by the development will not have a material impact on the operation or capacity of the local highway network and as such it is anticipated that the junction of Alfrey Close with Main Road will remain unchanged.
  • Leading from Alfrey Close the development proposes a spine road 5.5m wide with 2m footways on both sides. This route will terminate at a small landscaped roundabout and key junctions along its route will be tabled and block paved for in order to promote pedestrian priority.
  • Secondary roads will filter traffic from the main spine towards the developments periphery.
  • Predominantly located on the edge of the development, semi-private drives provide access to small clusters of houses which overlook open space. These Semi Private drives are to comprise of a block paved, shared surface with a semi-rural aesthetic.
  • The existing Public Right of Way between Main Road and Garsons Road will be retained along its original alignment. Where this crosses the site, proposed roadside footways will be aligned to coincide with the Public Right of Way thereby ensuring that this route is suitably surfaced. Footpath signage will be erected and seats provided at suitable points along this route
  • Public open space along the western side of the development enables the extension of the existing Public Right of Way to the community allotments proposed to the north of the site.
  • HLM propose to safeguard land to the west of the development. Policy 9 states the following:

“The Neighbourhood Plan safeguards land to the west of Southbourne, as shown on the Policies Map, for the provision of new road and an elevated crossing of the railway line in order to reduce congestion at existing railway crossings and to improve pedestrian safety. Development proposals that will prejudice the ability to deliver the road or elevated crossing will be resisted. Reasonable financial contributions will be sought from development proposals to support the enhancement of bus service provision within the Parish.”